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Tech Term of the Week

Electronic Resources Management (ERM)

Systems developed to assist librarians in the control of licensed third-party resources published electronically (databases,e-books, e-journals, etc.), including license management, renewal, legal use, access management, and collection development.

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ALA’s Larra Clark Spotlights Mobile Beacon Research on Hotspot Lending

Libraries can make a significant societal impact by providing internet services to their patrons who otherwise do not have access.

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A Look Back at PCs for People & Mobile Beacon’s Bridging the Gap Distribution Events in Denver

Mobile Beacon and PCs for People Denver recently completed a series of technology distribution events held in Denver, CO from

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Hotspot Lending Success at Wilmington Public Library

By Maria Meachum, Director, Wilmington Public Library District


Let’s dispel a myth today. We will do my personal favorite:

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Hillsboro School District Uses Mobile Beacon Hotspot Donations for Students in Need

The Hillsboro Independent School District serves a diverse student population in the heart of rural Texas. After instituting a one-to-one

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FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel: 1 in 5 Students Fall into Homework Gap

FCC Commisioner Jessica Rosenworcel was a featured speaker at SETDA’s event for her work closing the homework gap.

FCC Commisioner Jessica Rosenworcel was a featured speaker at SETDA’s event for her work closing the homework gap.

Earlier this

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Together, we kept more than 260,000 people online – and counting!

It is amazing what a group of committed and passionate people can do! At the end of last year, Mobile

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Spring Forward: National Digital Inclusion Efforts on the Rise


Having worked on digital inclusion programs for the last six years, it’s hard to contain our excitement about the huge

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5,000+ Low Income Twin Cities Residents Now Online with LTE!



Last week, on the eve of the WiMAX shutdown in the Twin Cities, Mobile Beacon was on site in

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Court Grants Motion by Nonprofits and Sprint to Extend WIMAX Service Through March



(BOSTON) January 29, 2016 – A Massachusetts state court today granted a joint motion to extend a preliminary injunction

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Turning the Corner to a New Year


This holiday season, we’re feeling extremely grateful for the support of our customers and excited for the new year to

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Stop Sprint’s Shenanigans. Join Us Friday in DC.

The clock on the 90-day injunction stopping Sprint from cutting Internet access is ticking. And even with the courts stepping

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Sen. Bob Casey asks FCC to Monitor Shutdown

Acknowledging “it is critical that the Internet continues to be an affordable tool for those working toward a better life,”

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Sprint Loses in Court Again

This just in: In an another attempt to subvert the orders of Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders, for sale

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Philadelphians Protest Sprint’s Plan to Cut Internet to 300,000 Vulnerable Americans



(PHILADELPHIA) November 17, 2015 – A group of Philadelphia residents took to the streets today in front of a

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Tuesday: Philadelphians Protest Sprint Plan to Cut Internet to 300,000

#STOPSPRINT Philadelphia Shareble Graphic-02

(PHILADELPHIA) November 16, 2015
– A group of Philadelphia residents will protest the Sprint Corporation’s continued effort to shut off

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Court Releases Full Decision on Injunction



November 9, discount 2015

A Massachusetts state court today released a full decision explaining the preliminary injunction it issued

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Sprint WiMax Shutdown Suspended: Mobile Beacon Wins Preliminary Injunction


Great news, we have succeeded in stopping the shutdown!

Today, a Massachusetts state court granted a preliminary injunction stopping Sprint

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The Right Time for a National Digital Inclusion Alliance


Guest article by Angela Siefer
Director at National Digital Inclusion Alliance

I am so happy to announce the creation of

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SHLB Wrap-up: Ideas Exchanged, Pilot Libraries Awarded



We’re completely energized from the recent Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB) 2015 Annual Conference! SHLB is made

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Mobile Beacon helps give immigrant adult learners the tools they need to succeed.



Article by Larry Britt of RIFLI
Computer Science & Social Media Coordinator

The RI Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) is

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Mobile Beacon is helping provide free, at-home Internet access to over 10,000 NYC patrons.

The Library Hotspot lending program was first piloted by New York Public Library (NYPL) over the spring 2014 using 100 

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Closing the Digital Divide in Kansas City

Did you know 70% of children in the Kansas City School District do not have Internet access at home?

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Happy Connected Educator Month!

This month is Connected Educator Month (CEM) which supports President Obama’s education initiative called ConnectED. It is designed to connect

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Timeline of Educational Technology is Schools Infographic

Most of us think of technology in the classroom as a relatively recent event. In fact, it’s been an ever-evolving

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Tips to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Data Plan

Data is the new coin of the realm. Learn how to stretch your budget!

Real time access to information enables

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Mobile Connectivity for Nonprofits – what’s your best option?

Being able to work anytime/anywhere can greatly expand your reach, but it requires mobile Internet access. There are many connectivity

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College Unbound Students Attain Success on the Go

College Unbound Header

Problem: College Unbound is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing a pathway to an accredited bachelor’s degree with partnering colleges

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Housing Authority Pilot Provides Computers,
& Internet Access for Low-Income Residents

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) not only provides safe, affordable housing, its mission includes addressing residents’ economic needs and offering

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4 Mobile Nonprofit Sites to Learn From

Recently we gave you our top tips for going mobile. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite sites that can

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Seven Tips for Nonprofits Going Mobile

We’ve talked about how important mobile sites are and why responsive design is a great option. To help you get

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We LOVE Nonprofits!

One of the things we love most about our jobs is knowing that we’re helping other nonprofit organizations fulfill some

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Why mobile sites have gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must have” for nonprofits

In January, we shared some statistics on the explosive use of mobile devices and how important responsive design has become

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Why Responsive Design is Important


As seen in the infographic below, more and more people are relying on smartphones and tablets to get information

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Partnering to Break Down Barriers
Bridging the Digital Divide – Part 2/2

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Three Barriers to Getting Online
Bridging the Digital Divide – Part 1/2

It seems like the Internet is everywhere, with everyone tweeting, posting, reading, and enjoying its many resources. But as educators

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The Ever-Changing Language of Technology.


As the world of technology constantly evolves, so does its language. Just when we think we can hold our

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Make your last fundraising push of the year a valuable one!


With Thanksgiving upon us, we’ve officially entered the “Holiday season.” You know, that cookie-baking, turkey-eating, charitable-giving time of year.

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Social Fundraising


With 33% of all online gifts being given in December and donors giving 80% larger gifts on average, the

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How one Library is “Loaning out the Internet” using Mobile Technology

People rely on their neighborhood library to borrow books, there  magazines,  and movies. But borrowing the Internet? How does that

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Library Photo Collections from Around the World
Celebrating National Friends Of Libraries Week!


We’ve compiled all of the library photo collections we’ve shared over National Friends of Libraries week 2013! Check out

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Librarians: How many “social hats” do you wear? This infographic shows how the social environment librarians navigate today is more

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Community broadband. Coming to a city near you?

Community Broadband


More and more, today’s communities are striving to become digitally inclusive. They’re offering affordable, quality Internet services and working

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Digital Divide Infographic


The Internet Revolution has placed knowledge and power in the hands of the people. But this shift has not

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AUPs protect you and your organization


What it is

An acceptable usage policy (AUP) is a set of rules applied by the owner or manager

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Infographic: Your Password is Obsolete

Do your passwords have the strength of character to protect you?  Can they fight the evil forces like hackers, phishers

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Going BYOD


There are some big advantages to be considered with the current trend towards incorporating BYOD into the classroom or

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Do you embrace BYOD?

At first glance, BYOD (bring your own device) looks like a magical solution. It helps solve funding challenges for schools

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Preparing for Disaster
Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 3/3

Welcome to the final blog in our technology planning series. You now know how to develop a well-thought-out plan and

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How to Make the Jump to Digital


The role of technology in education continues to evolve. It is important to understand the pros and cons with

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How to Conduct a Technology Assessment
Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 2/3

Technology Planning for Nonprofits

Welcome to part two of our technology planning series. Now that you have defined how technology

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What’s Involved in Technology Planning?
Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 1/3


Welcome to the first of three blog posts in our technology planning series. We’ll be discussing how to maximize

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Spectrum: What is it and why does it matter?

There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately concerning spectrum. In this post, we offer a definition

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The Growing Demand for Wireless Spectrum


“Spectrum” is what allows our wireless devices to connect to the Internet. However, there is not an unlimited amount

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5 Online Marketing and Awareness Tools
Tools 4 Your Mission Part 3/3

The services that nonprofits provide to the community are vital. Making people aware of all the great work being done

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2013 eNonprofit Benchmark Study

This just in! The 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study. Examining fundraising, response rates, average gift amounts, email click-through rates and other

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5 Online Tools for Raising Funds
Tools 4 Your Mission Part 2/3


Fundraising is crucial to any nonprofit’s success but this labor of love can at times be exhausting – We’ve

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5 Online Tools for Connecting with Volunteers
Tools 4 Your Mission Part 1/3


If you work for a nonprofit, especially a young nonprofit, you can probably count your other coworkers on one

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What Does It Take to Create Effective e-Learning?

Developing effective elearning requires expertise in Project Management, Computer-based Instructional Design, Multimedia Design, Instructional Technology and Quality Assurance. It is

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