Do you embrace BYOD?

At first glance, BYOD (bring your own device) looks like a magical solution. It helps solve funding challenges for schools looking to implement 1:1 programs, it enables teachers to integrate online learning into the classroom, and it frees students from network limitations. But it presents challenges as well, ranging from security concerns to possible classroom distractions. So how widespread is BYOD use?

Bradford Networks recently conducted a survey of K-12 and higher education to understand the current state of BYOD. Some key findings:

  • More than 85% of institutions surveyed allow some form of BYOD
  • Only 6% report no plans to implement it in the future. 52% are integrating personal technology devices into the classroom.
  • 80.7% do not take device type into consideration when allowing access.
  • 46% require an antivirus product to be installed before connecting to a school network.
  • 38.2% update their BYOD policy as new technologies are introduced to their networks.
  • 61.1% allow access based on the user’s role, i.e., faculty or student. But 38.9% give everyone the same level of access to the network.

Here are some of the main arguments from BYOD proponents and critics:

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