The Ever-Changing Language of Technology.


As the world of technology constantly evolves, so does its language. Just when we think we can hold our own in a conversation with the office IT specialist, or our tech savvy kids at home, we find that the vocabulary we’re using so authoritatively is now hopelessly obsolete—along with the technology that spawned it.

The good news is that you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive new Tech Terms every Tuesday,  we’ll keep you in the loop with technology and terms. For a quick look at the evolution of tech-related terms from endangered to future, see this graphic from Lebara.


A Guide to New & Outdated Technology Terms | Lebara

Infographic by Lebara

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Electronic Resources Management (ERM)

Systems developed to assist librarians in the control of licensed third-party resources published electronically (databases,e-books, e-journals, etc.), including license management, renewal, legal use, access management, and collection development.

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